Limit Fabrications The Metal Man

The Metal Man is short film that gives an insight to the life of custom frame builder, Pat Banks. Pat's been a friend of ours for some years and we always thought it would be interesting to shoot in his workshop, doing what he does best, building bikes. It started out as just an opportunity to film some arty shots of Pat welding and capturing the textures of the workshop. But after seeing the precision that Pat takes in each bike, we decided to make something a little more insightful.

It turns out that there aren't too many custom bike builder in the world, let alone Norfolk, so we hope this short piece will show a wider audience what goes into building a frame by hand.

Many thanks to Damion Lee (Div) Devlin (Mountain Bike) and Jamie Harris (BMX) for riding!

Directed by - Richard Prendergast
Cable-Cam - Craig Hodgkinson
Produced by -
Music by - Lately Kind of Yeah (There and Back Again)
Sound FX -
Custom Frames -